About Us

FrontierDC will build, own and operate ‘Digital Hubs’ and Micro Data Centres that enable digital infrastructure to be deployed rapidly.

We are delivering data centres differently.


Our vision is to redefine connectivity throughout Australia, creating a network of interconnected data centres in strategic positions and regional locations.


FrontierDC will build, own and operate a network of Edge Data Centres, including ‘Digital Hubs’ and Micro Data Centres, that enable location based digital services and Edge Computing, to support new initiatives such as Smart Cities, the Internet of Things (IoT), industrial real time control and 5G.

Edge Data Centres enable high-performance compute, storage and network resources as close as possible to end users and devices, lowering costs of data transport and decreasing latency.

Edge Data Centres support the continued Digital Transformation and growth of Hybrid IT, the continued requirement to move to co-location facilities that support high density, in a secure and efficient way.

FrontierDC has a range of modular, highly-secure and efficient micro, modular and containerised data centre solutions ready to grow at speed and designed to cope with the Australian climate and conditions.