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Our Mission | To build and operate ‘Digital Hubs’ that enable location based digital services, or edge computing, with modular data centres.

Founded in Australia, FrontierDC is a data centre business creating new ways to deploy a range of EDGE and regional data centres, rapidly.
FrontierDC offers a range of modular data centre infrastructure and micro mobile data centres for the base of tower, remote locations, edge deployments and regional data centre campus style hubs.

FrontierDC can offer on a wholesale basis, Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS) tp service corporate, Government, Military and Intelligence agencies.

FrontierDC can design, build and manage data centres to meet your specifications and operational requirements. Working together with Cannon Technologies we offer unparalleled capabilities and expertise trusted by military, defence, intelligence services and a wide variety of enterprise customers that help secure and better protect infrastructure across the globe. Cannon Technologies support some of the largest mission-critical data centres in the world today, where International/national military, infrastructure or industrial security is paramount.

The speed in which we can build technologically-superior facilities to help customer grow and scale is beyond the realms of the ordinary. Being able to leverage 40+ years of development and deployment experience is helping us take advantage of what is happening with Edge Computing.

FrontierDC appointed to supply Federal and State Government agencies

In September 2014, FrontierDC was named on The Data Centre Supplies Panel (Panel2) by the Department of Finance. FrontierDC has secured both the supply of Data Centre Services and the supply of Modular Data Centres as a deployable product. The appointment qualifies FrontierDC to provide these services and products to both Federal and State government agencies.

Why choose FrontierDC?

FrontierDC are leading the industry by delivering cost-effective, sustainable, advanced solutions to the data storage needs of our partners and their end-users.  Our Data Centre on Demand philosophy delivers a just-in-time solution, saving businesses substantial capital outlay, and offering the flexibility to scale their data centre as business needs change.


Meet the Team

The FrontierDC Board comprises a highly experienced team, who together bring extensive hands-on experience in managing successful businesses.

The vast majority of this expertise is in the ICT industry, bringing our partners the benefit of having several industry thought-leaders and experts available to work with you on your projects.


Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS)

FrontierDC has one objective; to ensure that data centres operate to support a customer’s business services with the highest quality and lowest possible risk.

We achieve this using a four stage service model addressing all stages of a data centre life-cycle with the appropriate capabilities and a shared knowledge based upon experience.



FrontierDC offer three ranges of data centres to suit your business needs – the Modular, Mini Modular and Ruggedised Data Centres.   From a flexible, scaleable slice-based module allowing reduced capex and operating costs, to a plug-and-play, fully engineered solution for even the most extreme conditions, our Data Centres are leading the way.


FrontierDC Company News

We are pleased to announce the addition of Mark De Kock to the Frontier DC team as Executive Chairman.

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