Green Sustainability

Does your data centre provide REAL green initiatives?

FrontierDC and our award-winning enabling technology partner, CannonTech, are committed to adopting green strategies to reduce our carbon footprint, and the burden that data centres traditionally place on our environment.  Our data centres combine technology, research and expert design to balance sustainability and reliability to deliver a superior product.

Addressing environmental challenges head-on.

The major environmental challenge for a traditional data centre is balancing the required cooling performance while keeping the power consumption as low as possible.  By combining active and passive cooling methods, CannonTech’s modular data centres have been internationally recognised for improving power usage effectiveness (PUE), thereby significantly reducing the cost required to cool your data centre.

Extreme CAPEX and OPEX savings for your business.

In a study conducted by 451 Research comparing CAPEX and OPEX, costs of traditional and modular data centres aligning CAPEX with demand can deliver CAPEX savings in the order of 30%. In addition, the improved PUE of a prefabricated modular data centre can produce lower than average PUE with OPEX savings over 25%.*

Just-in-Time deployment saving your business, and the environment.

In addition to the reduced capex for power and cooling infrastructure, the flexibility of FrontierDC’s data centre solution allows our modules to be engineered and optimised to support well-defined IT deployments ‘just-in-time’, meaning you only power and cool the space you need right now.

Control, monitor, manage - and save.

Our in-depth DCOS enables our partners to closely monitor their real-time capacity needs, pro-actively matching power and cooling to the specifics of the incoming IT load.

A holistic green sustainability strategy delivering a better future.

Our Data Centre Park facilities are strategically selected and built in line with our commitment to sustainability. Our sites will employ the use of green technology, using commercial solar farms, gas trigen solutions and tertiary solar cells to deliver cost effective power, cooling and heat to the data centre and administrative systems.

FrontierDC modular data centres operate at one of industry’s lowest PUE, thanks to the implementation of several newer, cleaner technologies, delivering cost-saving and sustainability benefits to our clients – and yours.

FrontierDC’s commitment to delivering responsible services is a holistic approach whereby we rely on our core values and strengths of people, process, technology and policy to ensure a better future not only for FrontierDC but the wider community.

To find out more about our sustainability initiatives, please contact us.

Green Sustainability Awards

At the 2013 Green I.T. Awards, Cannon Technologies was presented with the prestigious Team of the Year Award.

The accolade recognises the company’s ground-breaking work on the specification and installation of the T4 Modular Data Centre at the headquarters of Datacentrix in Johannesburg, South Africa ­ a location that is exposed to severe weather conditions and seismic activity.  Read full article >>

ARTICLE | The Greener Good

Article from Data Centre News – – Vol. 3 | Issue 2 | August 2014

Often in life there are conflicting interests and trade-offs to be made – and nowhere is this more so than in the data centre, where the industry’s current focus on energy saving means that water cooling – with all its electro-mechanical maintenance challenges – has become almost ubiquitous in nature. Mark Hirst of Cannon Technologies explains how, with a little planning and tapping into the latest R&D efforts, modern data centres can be made both green and reliable.

Data centres have come a long way since their early origins in the late 1970s/early 1980s. Back in the day, those early deployments of IT were both complex to operate and maintain – and even required a special environment in which to operate.

Read full article >>


*451 RESEARCH (2012) The Economics of Prefabricated Modular Datacenters, p38.