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FrontierDC is rolling out over 10 Data Centre Parks around Australia in a plan to deliver a new Connected Data Centre network (Meshed Data Centres) allowing complete Active- Active mechanism. All will be built to achieve certification by the Uptime Institute to Tier III high resilience standard.

Decentralised data centres can improve application performance and system availability by placing resources close to users.

Our first data centre park is located in Perth Western Australia with feasibility studies well advanced for our next 3 locations. FrontierDC has provisionally identified additional locations and sequencing will be driven by customer demand.

RCWA1 – The Garry Henley Data Centre Park


The Data Centre Park hosts approximately 2500m2 physical floor space delivering the following features:


  • The site is fully “concurrently maintainable” and aligned with TIA-942A or Uptime Institute Tier III – N+1 redundant capacity in all elements and multiple uplinks – 99.982% availability
  • The Data Centre Park will deliver up to 600 cabinets at 3kw each or higher densities up to 50kw
  • Full VESDA fire detection and NOVEC1230 fire suppression per module
  • Full disabled access into halls and modules


  • Concurrently Maintainable (N+1) cooling with redundant chiller loops
  • Scalable cooling capacity using Air-Cooled Scroll-based chillers
  • Capable of supporting multiple temperature and humidity ranges within customer modules within defined ASHRAE standards or higher if preferred by customer


  • Full load capacity of 4MVA power
  • Whole of facility measured PUE expectation of 1.2- 1.3
  • Customer Data Centre (module) measured PUE of 1.05
  • Power to site is delivered initially via redundant transformers
  • Power is distributed via redundant switchboards with Automatic Transfer Switches to maintain continuous availability in the event of failure
  • The site is supported by redundant generator sets
  • Power distribution into customer Data Centres is via redundant paths
  • Each customer Data Centre features redundant power distribution areas with dedicated UPS – full fault tolerance in each Data Centre and no risk of power failure within one affecting another


  • FrontierDC is carrier neutral
  • Communications services are delivered into diverse node rooms located on either side of the building envelope
  • Conduit is run separately and diversely into each node room from streets north and south of the data center for optimal path separation
  • Carrier diversity is maintained to each node room, either by path or service

Detailed Specification and Certifications

Available on request


  • Built to PSPF security standards
  • Four-zone security model with full security monitoring
  • Each zone secured by 2 or 3-factor fully-audited access control system
  • All doors secured and integrated into fully-audited access control system
  • Integrated security cameras available for review via Red Centre management system
  • Optional biometrics

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