FrontierDC are committed to engaging local suppliers and subcontractors to help in the delivery of our services. If you would like to submit your application for consideration please complete the form below and attach a capability statement. When completing the form, please indicate if you are an indigenous enterprise.

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Current opportunities

FrontierDC invites interest from local suppliers for the Tasmanian date centre project.

The following table lists key goods and services that may be provided to FrontierDC in the Tasmanian data centre project. It is our intention to maximise the opportunities for Tasmanian business where appropriate.

Please complete the application form to register your interest.

List of goods and services to be procured for the project and the expected opportunity for industry participation.

Siting modular data centres, which may include:

  • > assembly and installation;
  • > electrical installation; and
  • > mechanical installation

Facility design services, which may include:

  • > architectural;
  • > mechanical;
  • > electrical;
  • > structural;
  • > project management;
  • > graphic design; and
  • > quantity surveying

Construction works, which may include:

  • > ground preparation;
  • > in ground services;
  • > mechanical / chiller supply and installation;
  • > electrical supply and installation;
  • > lightning protection;
  • > security supply and installation;
  • > sprinkler installation;
  • > air conditioning;
  • > internal partitioning and insulation;
  • > testing; and
  • > landscaping

Power equipment provision, which may include:

  • > electrical power supply;
  • > Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS); ad
  • > power generation back up 2MVa to 20Mva.
  • > Communication services, which may include:
  • > telecommunication redundant links; and
  • > optical fibre communications

List of goods and services to be procured for the project and the expected opportunity for industry participation.

Maintenance services, which may include:

  • > facility maintenance and cleaning;
  • > mechanical services;
  • > chiller/air conditioning system maintenance;
  • > and cleaning and debris removal

Channel partnerships, for the provision of Data Centre Services and support, which may include the provision of:

  • > wholesale rack space;
  • > managed services; and
  • > product distribution

Security services will be provided internally with support from other organisations as follows:

  • > physical security services; and
  • > security systems (hardware, software, monitoring)

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