Latest Data Centre Modules Can Be Assembled On Site

Cannon Technologies has recently introduced the T4 Granular Modular Data Centre, the latest product in its modular data center portfolio. T4 uses components that can be manually assembled on-site without the use of a crane to solve logistical challenges.

Modular data centres are generally used for just-in-time infrastructure or for data centres in hard-to-reach places. The company says that virtually any size is possible from a few racks to a few hundred.

Building out in modules helps a data centre start small and grow cost effectively. The lead times are also shorter, typically around 12 weeks from order to delivery to the customer site.

T4 can be located on a simple concrete slab in locations such as parking lots, hangars, warehouses or even on roofs. It’s designed to cope with temperature extremes and protect against environmental conditions. Thick insulated walls are surrounded by weatherproof galvanized powder coated steel. Non-combustible materials are used throughout.

It can be configured for different levels of resilience and meets Security Equipment Assessment Panel (SEAP) Level 3.

It also uses efficient cooling. Close-coupled cooling using WithIn Row Cooling (WIRC) units eliminates the need for long ducting runs, deep raised floors and large powerful fan systems. Combined with economic free coolingchillers to draw maximum benefit from ambient air, they reduce compressor run time and save energy consumption.

The aisles are full-width for easier moving, and there are several options for racks, cable raceways and free-form pockets to accept third-party cabinets. There’s also optional built-in DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) capabilities via the Data Centre Operating System (DCOS).

“The T4 Granular Modular Data Centre is our most flexible and fully scalable solution yet and is the perfect option for areas that have traditionally found it difficult to accommodate this type of facility,” Mark Hirst, head of T4 Data Centre Solutions at Cannon Technologies Group, said. “Just as importantly, this can all be achieved using our existing best-in-class components, with all the cutting-edge features and benefits that our customers expect.”