Cannon Technologies exclusively power FrontierDC’s Australia expansion

FrontierDC, a leading Australian technology and hosting organisation, has signed a mutually exclusive agreement to deploy the multi-award winning Cannon Technologies T4 range of modular data centre solutions to power its Data Centre Parks expansion across the continent.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek, 27th October 2014. 

Location Our Vision LR The project will see FrontierDC increase its footprint by investing in eleven major data centres around Australia providing one million square feet of technical space. The company is aiming to pursue its disruptive business model, directly targeting wholesale customers with energy-efficient, carrier and technology-neutral data centres.

The first facility, The Garry Henley Data Centre Park, is imminent, becoming fully operational in the first quarter of 2015 at the Phoenix Business Park situated in Bibra Lake, a suburb of Perth in Western Australia. Hot on the heels of that launch will be two further sites due to be operational by Q3 2015. All of the FrontierDC Data Centre on Demand facilities will be populated with the Cannon T4 range of cutting edge MDC Pods.

A unique feature of the Cannon T4 MDC Pods allows for fast deployment in a safe and unobtrusive manner into a working environment, enabling FrontierDC to offer uniquely flexible accommodation options to its clients. The Cannon T4 Pods can be hand assembled in days within the host building using hand tools only, avoiding the need for dangerous manoeuvring using heavy machinery. It is also possible to conjoin adjacent the Cannon T4 Pods into one large data hall for contiguous expansion.

“One of the main drivers in our market is a lower total cost of operation,” explains Carl Woodbridge, FrontierDC’s CEO, “and that was one of our main drivers in selecting the Cannon T4 MDC range, along with the agility of the product to upgrade components for customers. The customisation aspect is proving to be very popular.”

FrontierDC is using Cannon T4’s advanced DCIM software to further enhance the client advantage by enabling cutting-edge remote control and monitoring, driving efficiency, resilience, reliability, and security to achieve a robust and predictable environment with the additional benefit of reduced management load.

The partnership followed an extensive and thorough analysis by FrontierDC of modular data centre solutions available from providers around the world. “We had quite a shopping list,” reveals Woodbridge. “We need to provide clients with a blend of cutting edge efficiency, truly granular incremental growth, high security, and expansion logistics without compromising the high resilience required by their operations.” FrontierDC also required an unusually broad range of solutions to enable them to satisfy every type of client need at every Tier level.

Cannon T4 is proving to be the ideal partner as Matt Goulding, the company’s managing director, explains: “The FrontierDC-Cannon offering is presenting unprecedented advantages to clients with a grow-as-you-earn solution that substantially reduces investment obstacles and makes investment decisions much easier than traditionally experienced.”

“FrontierDC has a vision for expansion beyond Australia and with our partnership Cannon T4 will be there to provide the flexible data centre capacity they need,” promises Goulding.

About Cannon Technologies

With a 36 year pedigree, Cannon Technologies provides T4 Data Centre Solutions around the globe – from building complete data centres as turnkey projects up to TIA 942 Tier 4; to suites of intelligent, environmentally managed infrastructure racks, including cold-aisle cocooning, per-rack access control, video surveillance, intelligent power distribution and UPS. At top turnkey level Cannon designs, supplies, integrates and commissions the IT architecture for military and commercial applications, for mission critical projects.

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About FrontierDC Pty Ltd

Soon to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, FrontierDC is a hybrid Data Centre operator and Modular Data Centre products reseller. The company offers Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on a wholesale basis, servicing corporate, government, military and intelligence agencies. FrontierDC is also on the Department of Finance Data Centre Supplies Panel, providing deployable products and data centre services to Federal and State government agencies.