Data Centre as a Service

FrontierDC has one objective; to ensure that data centres operate to support a customer’s business services with the highest possible quality and lowest possible risk.

FrontierDC achieves this using a four stage service model addressing all stages of a data centre life-cycle with the appropriate capabilities and a shared knowledge based upon experience.

Key to the FrontierDC Service model are the main principles for which the service model is named; ARK:

Accountable | Responsive | Knowledgeable

Consulting & Architecture

Project Management


Service & Support


Consulting & Architecture

FrontierDC Consulting & Architecture services specialise in ensuring that a customer’s data centre is designed and / or operating at the best possible efficiency and meeting their business needs, both currently and for the foreseeable future.
Consulting & Architecture services include:

  • Data centre reviews: Data centre planning & design:
  • Data centre relocation planning & design: Pre-sales activities: 

Project Management

FrontierDC project management services specialise in the delivery of data centre projects from conception to completion

  • Data centre build & commissioning project management: Project Management of data centre projects to include construction, data centre configuration and commissioning as designed by FrontierDC consultants.
  • Data centre relocation project management: Project management of data centre relocations to support service movement including pre-relocation preparation, relocation activities and post-relocation testing and verification


FrontierDC Engineering offers high-levels of skills and capabilities to support customer data centres around our products and data centres. Our Engineers are qualified across all key areas to commission and support data centres and data centre elements.

  • Remote hands services: Warranty engineering:
  • Network engineering: Data centre build & commissioning engineering services:
  • Relocation services: Installation validation services: In the event that a customer chooses to perform an installation themselves, FrontierDC can perform an Installation Validation service to ensure that physical assets have been integrated into the FrontierDC provided data centres correctly.

Service & Support

FrontierDC operations ensure that business services availability is maintained to the highest level according to customer defined Service Level Agreements. FrontierDC Service & Support Services are available as Onsite or Remote services, and are structured around three additional principles; monitoring, management and control.

Monitoring & Management
FrontierDC service management offers customers a control and reporting function aligned to the Monitoring and Management functions, and includes options for:

  • Asset Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Change Management
  • Incident & Problem Management
  • Reporting

Control elements are driven by the objective to continually improve the customer environment by using data collected from devices to support business and technical decisions, to include:

  • Power benefits
  • Security benefits
  • Cost benefits

Onsite Management

FrontierDC Onsite services are designed in alignment with the FrontierDC service model, and include those services required to support a customer’s data centre within a FrontierDC Data Centre Park.

Offsite Management

FrontierDC services are available as standard within a 100km radius of major Metropolitan centres, and in other locations upon request. FrontierDC Offsite Management services are designed to support customer’s data centre deployments outside of FrontierDC Data Centre Parks and in a location to meet their specific needs.

Remote standard services are within 100km of a major Metropolitan centre with good road access. Our offsite non-standard services are those services outside of remote standard services locations and are charged at a daily rate for the required function.

FrontierDC Service Catalogue

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