FrontierDC Data Centre achieves global design accreditation

  • Perth southern suburbs first and only Tier III data centre
  • World-class accreditation process
  • Significant boost to Western Australia’s capability to provide ICT services
  • Remote access technology gives customer’s control over operating cost

PERTH – 20 JUNE 2016 – Perth based data centre services company FrontierDC Ltd has achieved global accreditation of Tier III Design classification from the Uptime Institute for its first centre, RCWA1 ‘The Garry Henley Data Centre’ in Bibra Lake.

The Garry Henley Data Centre is the only Tier III accredited data centre south of the Perth CBD, providing an ideal location for separation and redundancy to existing data centres. The facility is the third commercial data centre in Western Australia to achieve this level of certification, and the fourteenth in the country.

The Uptime Institute categorises the data centres by four levels, corresponding to a certain number of guarantees on the type of hardware deployed in the data centre to ensure redundancy. Tier III accreditation offers 99.982% availability, making it possible to manage maintenance periods with out affecting the continuity of service on the servers.

FrontierDC CEO Carl Woodbridge said the company is proud to offer Perth’s southern suburbs the first world-class facility of its kind.

“The Uptime Institute accreditation process is extremely rigorous and it has taken a considerable amount of time and investment in achieving this global standard in data centre certification,” Woodbridge said.

“Tier III accreditation is the in-demand level of certification for Cloud and content delivery, and our brand new data centre will significantly boost the state’s capability to provide ICT (information and communications technology) services.”

The 6000m2 complex offers 2500m2 of IT compute space for up to fifteen state of the art modular data centres, each containing 40 racks offering high density compute to 60kw per rack. This unique configuration allows customers to effectively own their data centre space.
The 4MVa site is engineered to military grade security with six layer security zoning and offers a power saving of 25%+ compared to traditional data centres.

The Garry Henley Data Cente park is the first facility where customers can have their own secure data centre within the wider complex, driven by internationally-renowned software that offers the ability to control their own environment from a mobile device. By remotely controlling variables like operating temperature and humidity levels, customers take control of their operating cost, changing efficiency levels to suit their requirements.

FrontierDC’s enabling technology partner, UK’s Cannon Technologies, developed the system for UK military and security agencies later adopted by NATO. Since deployment, the technology has won numerous international awards for green technology and engineering design.

The RCWA1 Garry Henley Data Centre will be formally opened in September 2016 post testing.


Media Contact: Alison Balch, Director, Halo Communications

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About FrontierDC Twitter: @frontier_dc

FrontierDC is a modular data centre operator and Modular data centre reseller. It has committed to build a series of interconnected data centres distributed around Australia over the next 3 years.

FrontierDC is a member of the Australian Federal Governments Data centres services Panel (Panel2) and the Australian federal government Major ICT program. Red cloud is using proven modular technology developed by Cannon Technologies UK a major provider of services to The British Military and Security forces and NATO alongside blue chip companies in the UK and Europe.

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