Mini / Micro Data Centres

Designed to provide state-of-the-art support for IT equipment while reducing your space requirements and outgoing costs, the T4 Mini Data Centre is suitable for use in a wide range of industries.

This complete, self-contained and highly resilient solution is designed to suit offices, rooms, corridors or even basements.  Reduce your footprint and outgoing energy costs with the  T4 Mini Data Centre, giving you all the benefits of a traditional data centre in a fraction of the size.

Our MDC also removes the need to create a fire retardant server room with costly additions like raised floors, air conditioning, and fans. As an all-in-one module solution encapsulating power rack density of up to 25kW, UPS, efficient cooling options, back up power, and active and passive security features, the Mini Data Centre is available in single or multi-rack configuration, or as a fully engineered solution.

Fully Self Contained Solution

Contains everything you need to plug-and-play – just add power.  Security, UPS, batteries, fire extinguishment, and cooling components all included for your convenience.

Space Saving Design

Get all the facilities and components of a traditional data centre with a fraction of the footprint.  The Mini MDC is subtle and compact enough to fit in a corridor or cupboard space in your office, retail or other environment.

Save on Upfront and Ongoing Costs.

Replace your server room with our Mini MDC to save now and in the future.  At just 1m(w) x 1.3m(d)
x 2.07m(h), the Mini MDC negates the need to pay to lease and cool more space than you need.   Reduce your footprint and the energy consumption costs that go with it.

Secure, Onsite Data Storage.

Ensure the safety of your data onsite with CannonGuard’s active and passive security options.

Efficient Cooling Options

Available in either chilled water or DX (direct expansion) cooled versions, both of which maximise power usage effectiveness (PUE).  Alternatively, connect to your premise’s air-conditioning system.

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Product Specification - Mini Modular Data Centre





1m (w) x 1.3m (d)
x 2.07m (h)

Easily transportable.

Small footprint, easily located, can be rapidly deployed and re-deployed. Available with a wide range of power systems and free cooling options. High density racks. Concurrently maintainable.