Modular Data Centres

Flexible, scaleable modular data centres that enable location based digital services and Edge Computing.

The FrontierDC Modular Data Centre (MDC) is a fully integrated, self-contained facility to support IT services for businesses – providing everything from physical housing to power and cooling, wherever you need it.

Our ‘data centre on demand’ philosophy delivers a just-in-time modular solutions, saving you capital outlay in the beginning and offering the flexibility to expand and swap components as your business needs change.  Whether you need secure access to your data on your premise, remote access to your data centre within our Data Centre Park, or a fully engineered solution onsite in the Pilbara – the FrontierDC MDC is your future-proofed solution.

Reduce your Capex with Data Centre on Demand.

Enjoy the flexibility to expand your data centre space and swap the components as and when you need it. With FrontierDC, you can avoid the substantial capital outlay usually required by paying only for what you need, when you need it.

On Premise or Off Premise

A FrontierDC MDC can be deployed to the most remote location, with the centre tried and tested for extreme conditions. The modular nature of this product allows delivery as a fully engineered solution or in modular component form to be constructed onsite to your unique specifications.  Alternatively, keep your MDC at a Data Centre Park within FrontierDC’s interconnected network.

Engineered to Military Grade Security

Designed and developed by our award-winning enabling technology partner, Cannontech, the CannonGuard superior security system offers customer-defined active and passive methods to safeguard your data, including; key lock, numeric keypad, card entry and biometrics.

DCOS User-Enabled Control

Control your data centre from wherever you are in the world using your smart device or computer.  Restrict and enable secure access, plus monitor, manage and take control of your operating environment using the FrontierDC DCOS.

High Density Power Racks

Up to 50kW maximum power concurrently available per rack.

Fully Engineered Solution

Data centre solution designed to meet your requirements with regards to size, shape and location. Options for fully integrated compute storage and network with single pane of glass management.

Financed PAYG Available.

FrontierDC has expanded its reach by establishing strategic vendor alliances with IT manufacturers and suppliers. These alliances provide an array of customised funding and lifecycle management solutions that extend to clients and business partners.

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Product Specification - MDC




Granular MDC

Any size.
Any shape.

“Hand Carry” components allow easy transportation on pallets/cases. No cranes or mechanical plant needed. Can be delivered through narrow access points, in component form.

Highly versatile enabling wide aisles, deep racks and various rooms in addition to the Data Hall.  Shell buildings can be fitted out with MDCs saving OpEx and CapEx. Can be stacked when deployed within buildings. Extremely versatile providing virtually any floor plan. Build your own office space and air lock inside the module. Can accommodate variable rack sizes.  Concurrently maintainable.