Ruggedised Data Centres

A customisable, transportable, containerised solution, the FrontierDC Ruggedised Data Centre offers plug-and-play capacity engineered to withstand even the toughest conditions.

Internationally recognised for deployment within worldwide military, intelligence, government and remote project sites, the Ruggedised Range is used in a variety of environmental conditions requiring virtually no preparation and almost instant operation. The Ruggedised Range has been successfully tried, tested and deployed across extreme weather conditions, withstanding temperatures from -46°C to +58°C, seismic activity, cyclones, sandstorms and humidity, making this a superior alternative for harsh Australian climates. Engineered to military grade security with a customisable interior configuration, the ISO or WISO solutions can be deployed independently or as a fully engineered solution within 2 months.

Customisable Configuration

Design your own internal configuration to suit your organisational needs, from purely dedicated rack space to the inclusion of secure office space inside the container.

Extreme Environment Tried & Tested

From desert to tropical, and arctic to maritime, this range offers a superior solution for areas prone to cyclones and seismic activity.

Plug & Play

Capable of independent, ‘island mode’ operation, these self-sufficient data centres can be deployed with almost instant operation.  The ruggedised nature of the TMDC and accompanying shock attenuating gyro technology allows road, air, rail and marine transport to even the most remote locations.

Engineered to Military Grade Security

CannonGuard superior security customer-defined options available, including; key lock, numeric keypad, card entry and biometrics.

Cooling Technology

Optional DX or water cooling available, located to provide hot and cold aisles. Rated for 55C operation and designed to maintain internal operating temp of 26C.

DCIM Software

Control, monitor and manage the electrical, mechanical and security elements with our innovative and proactive user-defined DCOS software.

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Product Specification - TMDC





2.4 x 6m or 2.4 x 12m

Standard ISO transportation can be used.

Small footprint easily located. Able to be rapidly deployed and re-deployed. Racks can be configured as slideable on rails or mounted across width.  Concurrently maintainable.


3.5 x 6m or 3.5 x 12m

Standard ISO transportation can be used in most countries.

Normal aisles deep racks no sliding of racks required. Easy work practice achieved. Wide aisle and deep racks.  Concurrently maintainable.


4.8 x 6m or 4.8 x 12 (2 x 2.4)

Standard ISO transportation can be used.

Large space provides a medium Data Centre (various floor plans available). Wide aisle and deep racks. Concurrently maintainable.


Multi 2.4 x 12m modules

Standard ISO transportation can be used. Cranage if stacked.

Two tier or single tier, integrated for two floor levels (internal stairs and lifts). Personnel rooms. Wide aisle and deep racks. Concurrently maintainable.