FrontierDC to build $40 million primary data centre in Hobart

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  • New primary Tier 3 data centre in Hobart
  • Site selection in progress
  • Economic development driver
  • World class ‘green’ modular technology

PERTH – 30 OCTOBER 2015 – Perth based data centre services company FrontierDC Ltd has committed to build a $40m resilient Tier 3 data centre in Hobart using proven state of the art, internationally-acclaimed modular technology.

As the first Tier 3 data centre on Island for Tasmania, the facility is anticipated to be completed within 6-8 months. Site selection is underway, with feedback currently being sought from local industry stakeholders.

According to FrontierDC’s Chief Executive Officer, Carl Woodbridge, Tasmania is the perfect location for the new centre, allowing the organisation and its clientele to capitalise on reduced operating expenditure thanks to free air cooling and lower operating temperatures.

“We are excited to be involved in a project which will be a significant economic driver for the business community in Tasmania,” said Woodbridge.

“The demand for outsourced infrastructure and Cloud computing is continuing to expand worldwide. Providing a Tier 3 data centre with the highest level of resilience and security will enable Tasmanian ICT companies with the ability to deliver exceptional services without the latency typically encountered from the mainland.”

Using Global Award winning modular technology from the UK created by Cannon Technologies, the centre will be constructed utilising factory produced modules. The modules will be placed into an existing Industrial building converted to include high levels of redundancy and security.

The modular technology permits exceptional agility and flexibility in design and future proofing to allow for any developments in the future. This will ensure that Tasmania stays at the forefront of the most advanced technology available at all time.

The facility will scale with demand starting with a modest footprint of 150-200 racks and 1Mw power moving progressively to 600 racks and up to 4Mw. The location of the site will be selected to complement existing on Island Tier 2 data centres to ensure that Tasmania has an improved overall infrastructure.

The data centre technology employed by FrontierDC has won numerous international industry and peer awards, with exceptional achievements in the field of ‘green’ technologies for its ability to deliver reduced power consumption and therefore reduced operating costs for consumers.

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About FrontierDC

FrontierDC is a hybrid Data Centre operator and Modular Data Centre products reseller. FrontierDC is focussed on developing data centres at the ‘Edge’ and will build a national network of data centres across Australia to form a distributed (meshed) data centre network.

Our proven technology provides unique opportunities for customers to contribute to actively reducing their operating costs including the overall PUE. Customers can expect significant operational power savings.

FrontierDC is the exclusive reseller for Cannon Technologies Ltd UK.

About Cannon Technologies

Cannon Technologies is an industry leading provider of next generation, software defined, Modular Data Centres and Data Centre operating systems.

With presence on all continents, Cannon provides cutting edge solutions for some of the toughest environments around the world. Their agile scalable solutions:

  Match Customer need to supply; unrivalled granular modularity allows Data Centres to be configured down to component level based on need.

  Are engineered to military grade security

  Allow you to take control of your Data Centre environment.

Cannon Technologies award winning solutions have also been designed to ensure maximum efficiency both through both their physical design and the technologies used, resulting in the solution being recognised at the EMEA Green Awards in 2012 and 2013 and identified as the most efficient solution by 451 Research, ‘Datacenter Market, Prefabricated Modular Datacenters’, October 2014.