Matt Whittle

Matt Whittle

Matt Whittle

Operations General Manager

Over 16 years of expertise implementing and supporting advanced ICT solutions for enterprise clients

Matt is a well-regarded, highly experienced professional Technical Architect with a breadth of knowledge spanning over 16 years in the implementation and support of advanced ICT solutions for enterprise clients.

Matt possesses strong and proven hands-on experience in working with clients to optimise their support solutions, from a holistic, ‘big picture’ view, to the intricate detail of a business’ requirements.

Linked In Recommendations:

“Matt has an excellent and broad technical understanding that covers all domains of architecture. Having worked with Matt, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to see the bigger picture and foresee issues long before they occur.”

“Matt is very highly regarded as a Technical Architect, his breadth of knowledge is towering and he is a very capable technical leader on large projects.”

“Matt is a true professional. His knowledge of architectural frameworks and how best to use them is complimented by his extensive and multifarious technical expertise. He is an excellent mentor and shows unequalled committment to his employer and customers, confidently and consistently delivering quality results every time.”