Engineered to military grade security, FrontierDC's data centre solutions deliver the ultimate in data safeguard protection.

FrontierDC’s superior Security+1 system safeguards your data from the outside in, offering the traditional multiple layers of security with additional protection internally at module, rack, half, quarter and hex rack levels.

User-defined multiple layered protection.

Our Data Centre Parks are designed and constructed with sound security systems in place at all levels. Externally, perimeter and building boundary monitoring and protection restricts unauthorised access at the top level, while internally, room access and platform security allows you to monitor and restrict access.

Inside the data hall, module security system can be preset, with local key or remote keypad override if flexibility of security access is required. Clients can choose from a number of scaleable active security components, including;

Key locks  |  Numeric keypads  |  Swipe card entry  |  Biometrics

Everything you expect - and then more.

Internally, each module is supplemented with the capability to engage rack, half rack, quarter and hex rack level security, with optional audio/visual monitoring in real-time. The CannonGuard electronic locking system gives you access event audit capabilities with email/SMS notifications if required.

Customised security control at your fingertips.

The FrontierDC DCOS allows you to remotely monitor, manage and control access to your data centre at all levels in real-time. Completely customisable to suit your business needs, tailored security functions allow you to set access alerts, check access logs, view real-time audio and visual camera feeds, and remotely override security from anywhere in the world.

Security Feature Options