We deliver data centres differently.



Traditional data centres offer products – they are construction based projects designed specifically for the provision of data centre space.  At FrontierDC, we’re living our vision to challenge average in order to deliver enhanced solutions to you – our clientele.

Our unique Data Centre Services are more than a necessary utility to us.  We see the data centre as enabling technology used as part of a holistic strategy to enhance overall IT services, and improve business as a whole.

We see the data centre as more than high tech space which we consume.   It’s a part of an intricate solution that addresses a business need.

The FrontierDC Solution.

Our difference is in the detail.  We deliver what a normal data centre doesn’t, can’t or won’t.

A highly flexible, responsive, tailored solution that meets your current business needs, and supports you as and when you grow.

We are committed to continually enhancing our own services, to deliver constantly evolving solutions that can save you costly upfront expenditure using an “on consumption” costing model.

High Density Data Centre Services

Like all of its standard offerings, the Redcloud High Density Data Center Services is built to a standard that enables a fully concurrently maintainable environment with no single point of failure in the component of the solution delivered by Redcloud.


Deployable Data Centre Services

Whether for remote sites, communication towers or high quality capacity using a high speed local area network, our Deployable Data Centre Service delivers in modules of five racks with the option for a fully secured mezzanine office.


Client Site Build Data Centre Services

When a client enjoys the economic advantages of local onsite power and telecommunication services, the need for enhanced security and control may require the implementation of a completely customised data centre.