Service Improvement

Our facilities are truly enabled to improve services and reduce costs as each facility matures.  More importantly, all without impacting a clients production environment.

Full Control

Clients can fully control and customize their own data centre to meet its own internal client and operational needs.  That means a client can integrate their own layers of security, run facilities at higher (therefore lower cost) temperatures etc.

Service Desk

At the centre of FrontierDC operations is service, and a key component of that is the FrontierDC Service Desk, providing a single point of contact for customers for requests and incidents in alignment with ITIL v3. The FrontierDC Service Desk operates using the FrontierDC ARK service model – Accountable, Responsive and Knowledgeable. This means that customers will always have an owner allocated to a request or incident for contact at all times according to their service contract, that contact will provide proactive and regular updates on the request or incident without the customer having to chase them, and FrontierDC builds upon its knowledge based community to rapidly apply a solution to the request or incident.

The FrontierDC Service Desk is a fully integrated component of the Red Centre DCOS, with requests or incidents either raised by the customer or by the Data Centre itself, allowing immediate response to an incident or request which is then visible to the customer via their dashboard.


Warranty support is provided as standard for all FrontierDC products for an initial 3 year period, with annual or 3 yearly renewal periods thereafter. Warranty support is provided by qualified FrontierDC engineers within our data centres or at a customer data centre where that data centre resides in a service region, defined as within 100km of a major metropolitan centre with good road access. By default warranty addresses 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with upgrade options for the time covered, response times and the geographical areas covered.


FrontierDC Data Centre solutions are fully monitored at every level, ensuring that FrontierDC is able to provide immediate response to an incident on behalf of a customer. Using common protocols such as SNMP, FrontierDC provides monitoring for rack environmentals, In-Row Chillers, power rails and security elements by default, all integrated into the DCOS for a single pane of glass visibility. This allows the customer to know exactly how their data centre is operating in real-time, and make educated decisions on the optimum operating environment for their business.



Security is vital to the successful operation of a data centre, and FrontierDC has implemented a strong security framework addressing both physical and logical security in our 3D security model. 3D is aligned to security models such as the Australian Government Information Security Manual which defines approaches for audit to understand risk before implementing designs to deter and delay security breaches and responses to defeat them. FrontierDC achieves this through an integrated model that implements a rigorous layered security model both in physical data centre designs and logical network and systems security designs to protect the DCOS. This includes detailed logging and monitoring systems to allow immediate response with defined actions in the event of specific breaches, and a constantly evolving security model that responds to attempted security breaches.

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